A strong earthquake has occurred in China, killing more than 110 people

    Global development 19 December 2023 3195

    At least 116 people were killed in an earthquake in central China. Such data are provided by the Xinhua news Agency and the country's Central Television on Tuesday, December 19.

    The epicenter of the earthquake was located in Gansu Province, about 5 kilometers from the administrative border with Qinghai. According to the PRC, the magnitude of the earthquake was 6.2. At the same time, the US Geological Survey estimates this figure at 5.9.

    So, in Gansu province, the number of victims reached 105 people, 11 more died in Qinghai province, DW reports.

    In addition, over 300 people were injured - 186 in Gansu and at least 140 in Qinghai, official media reported. According to them, water supply has been disrupted in the disaster area, power lines have been damaged, as well as transport infrastructure facilities. 4,782 houses were damaged in Gansu Province alone, local authorities said.

    The authorities ordered tents, folding beds and blankets to be sent to the affected regions. Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for a large-scale search operation to minimize the number of victims.