The Jadid Heritage Museum will open in Bukhara

    Culture & Arts 3 June 2024 1427

    The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the establishment of the State Museum of the Jadid Heritage" (PP No. 201 dated 30.05.2024) was adopted.

    According to the Decree, the State Museum of the Jadid Heritage (Museum) will be established in the historical place of the city of Bukhara - the complex "Hovli Poyon".

    One of the main tasks of the Museum is to identify, collect, store, study, restore, copy, publish various domestic and foreign sources and historical documents dedicated to the Jadid movement, enrich the museum fund and create expositions based on them, as well as carry out cultural, educational and research activities.

    As part of the nationwide campaign "My contribution to the national Heritage", historical materials, objects, and unique photographs for the Museum dedicated to the Jadid movement will be purchased from the public.

    By January 1, 2025, museum objects and collections, books and manuscripts, as well as construction materials, equipment, components, tools, spare parts, metal structures, furniture and inventory imported for the creation of a Museum according to lists formed in accordance with the established procedure, will be exempt from customs duties, the Ministry of Justice reports.