Uzbekistan will cooperate with the CIS countries in the field of forensic examination

    Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 06/10/2024 No. PP-214 "On approval of an international treaty" was adopted.

    In accordance with article 22 of the Law "On International Treaties of the Republic of Uzbekistan", an agreement on the formation of the Coordinating Council of the CIS member States in the field of forensic expertise has been approved. The document was signed at a meeting of the Council of CIS Heads of State on October 13, 2023 in Bishkek.

    The main goal of developing partnerships in the field of forensic expertise in the CIS member states is to solve problems of protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens and the interests of their states through objective scientifically based examinations and expert research.

    The Coordinating Council, as a body of sectoral cooperation of the CIS, will ensure the organization and coordination of interaction between forensic expertise bodies in forensic activities and constructive cooperation with international organizations and their structures.

    The Ministry of Justice has been designated as the competent authority responsible for the implementation of this international treaty.

    The document was published in the National Database of Legislation and entered into force on 06/11/2024, Norma reports.