The President became acquainted with the activities of the livestock cluster

    President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the activities of Jizzakh Organic livestock cluster in Zaamin district.

    The $200 million company was launched five years ago. On the territory of a large complex, open corrals and covered hangars were built.

    In the first stage, 4 thousand heads of Angus and Hereford cattle were imported from European countries and the United States, and 2 thousand Dorper sheep from Australia.

    In Uzbekistan, such complexes are essential for ensuring the abundance and availability of primary food products, such as meat and milk.

    The Jizzakh Organic cluster is capable of housing 10 thousand heads of cattle and 4 thousand heads of sheep and produces up to 5 thousand tons of meat per year. 750 people are provided with permanent jobs.

    All production processes at the enterprise have been digitalized. Water-saving technologies have been introduced on 1 thousand 300 hectares of cultivated land. Modern equipment was imported from Australia, Germany, and the United States. The cluster’s fleet includes about 200 equipment units worth $10 million. In addition, conditions have been created here for breeding and genetic work.

    Twelve thousand hectares have been allocated for feed production. Work is also underway to restore the fertility of lands that have not been used for decades. Special attention is paid to applying organic fertilizers and crop rotation in this case.

    New projects and plans for the cluster were presented to the Head of state.

    It was noted that, through an investment of $28 million, it is planned to annually process 20,000 tons of milk and 5,000 tons of meat. Another 2,000 hectares will produce feed using sprinkler irrigation.

    The issue of livestock pedigree is currently essential in livestock farming. The pedigree of livestock raised by the population is now 10 percent. Therefore, expanding artificial insemination activities and improving local breeds is necessary.

    Considering this, the cluster plans to establish a breeding and purchasing Angus cattle system in 15 mahallas of Zaamin, Zarbdor, and Yangiobod.

    Responsible persons were instructed to consider opportunities for livestock farmers to increase feed production in the package of financial services provided to mahallas through banks.

    Thereupon, the Head of state completed his visit to Jizzakh region.