The IBA will allocate separate cash prizes for distinguished boxers at the Paris Olympics

    Sports 30 May 2024 955

    The International Boxing Association (AIBA) will provide special financial support from the Organization's foundation to the winners and prize-winners of the Paris 2014 Summer Olympics. This was stated by IBA President Umar Kremlev.

    According to the NOC press service, $100,000 will be allocated for each gold medal. Of this amount, the athlete will receive $ 50,000, his National Federation - $ 25,000, the coach - $ 25,000.

    A prize of $50,000 will be awarded for the silver medal, of which $25,000 will be awarded to the athlete, and the remaining $25,000 will be evenly distributed between the coach and the National Federation.

    25 thousand dollars will be provided for the bronze medal, of which 12.5 thousand will go to the athlete. The remaining 50 percent is divided between the coach and the Federation, as in the previous distribution.

    In addition, even athletes who made it to the quarterfinals will receive $10,000 each.