The Agency for Strategic Reforms is exploring new "growth points" for the districts of the capital

    Social medium 13 June 2024 968

    Employees of the Agency for Strategic Reforms, together with the metropolitan authorities, are exploring new opportunities for economic growth in the districts of Tashkent.

    In particular, the potential of the Mirabad district of the capital has been studied and several promising areas for its development have been identified.

    As you know, Mirabad district is one of the first places that a person sees when arriving at Tashkent airport or train station, so there is a high demand for hotels here.

    There are already 71 hotels in the area for 2 thousand people, but none of them belong to well-known brands. Taking into account the tourist potential of the area, an additional 3 thousand new guest places will be required in the next 3 years. A third of this need can be covered by increasing the number of floors of existing hotels.

    The entrepreneurs expressed their readiness to build 18 three-star hotels for 2 thousand people, which will attract $ 300 million in investments, create 1,200 jobs, increase the volume of services by 208 billion soums per year and additionally contribute 13 billion soums to the budget.

    In addition, there is no street in the area that provides round-the-clock services to the public and tourists, such as Taksim in Istanbul, Arbat in Moscow or Las Ramblas in Barcelona. There are 62 retail outlets and catering establishments in the area of the intersection of Nukus and Shakhrisabz streets, as well as on the adjacent Said Baraka and Fidokor streets. The possibility is being considered to turn this territory into a street of gastronomic tourism, where everything will work around the clock. This will create 600 new jobs, increase trade by 55 billion soums and tax revenues by 6 billion soums.

    The initiatives of the ASR for the development of the Mirabad district are aimed at creating favorable conditions for entrepreneurs and tourists, which in turn will contribute to economic growth and improve the quality of life.